Services Overview

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Exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) – A general class of non-load, bearing cladding systems that provide exterior walls with an insulated water resistant finish surface, attached adhesive or mechanically to the substrate. EIFS comes in a large variety of shapes, textures and colors. 

Advantages: Moisture control, energy efficient, durability, fire testing, and design flexibility.

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STUCCO - Cement plaster applied over walls and surfaces for interior and exterior designs. Stucco is applied using a three-coat system: scratch coat, brown coat, and finish, creating a concrete and extremely durable outer layer. When maintain properly this style can last over 45 years.

Advantages: Rot/mildew resistant, fire retardant, energy efficient, and quick installation.  



Veneer Plaster – Used for surfacing interior walls by applying a thin layer of plaster over a gypsum board. Veneer Plaster is a simple, two-step process which requires attention to detail because of its fast-drying pace. Once cured it is water resistant, smooth and ready to paint.  

Advantages: Moisture resistant, no sanding required, quicker than drywall and durable surface.